Rights And Responsibilities

When you take part in the Healthyroads program, there are some things we will provide to you (your rights) and some things you need to do (your responsibilities).

YOUR RIGHTS (Things we will provide to you)


  • News about Healthyroads programs you can use.
  • Program materials that are easy to read, learn, and use.
  • Healthyroads program general health and wellness information supported by scientific studies.

Respect and Non-Discrimination

  • Respectful, fair, and kind care from staff.

Health Improvement Choice

  • We encourage you to talk to your doctor about the program.
  • You have the right to make choices about your health improvement plan.
  • You may choose someone to act on your behalf when communicating with Healthyroads and tell Healthyroads your choice in writing.

Personal Health Information

  • We will keep your personal health information private.
  • We will inform you of how Healthyroads uses your personal health information.

Access to Services

  • Start and end the program when you want.
  • Know who the staff are and how they are trained.

Questions and Complaints

  • Call Healthyroads to:
    • Ask a question.
    • Make a complaint.
    • File an appeal or grievance.
    • Tell Healthyroads what changes you would like to see in this policy.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES (Things you have to do)

  • You need to:
    • Give Healthyroads true health information before starting and when you are in the program.
    • Help set healthy goals that you can reach.
    • Work to meet your healthy goals.
    • Tell Healthyroads about any changes in your health.
    • Tell Healthyroads if anything our staff tell you when you are in the program is not the same as what your doctor told you.
    • Tell your doctor or other health care provider regularly about the things you are doing when you are in the program and ask if it is safe for you to continue in the program.