Editorial Policy

Your Personal Health Care

  • Health content on this website is of a general nature. It is meant for your education only.
  • Do not use this health content instead of professional health care to prevent, diagnose, or treat your health problems.
  • Talk with your doctor or pharmacist before taking:
    • Any prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
    • Dietary supplements
    • Herbal remedies
  • Talk with your doctor before starting any course of treatment.
  • Our programs are meant to help you make healthy, safe, and moderate changes to your health behaviors. You should not make drastic changes to your diet, body weight, or exercise program without help from your doctor. It can be dangerous or unhealthy to:
    • Exercise too hard
    • Lose too much weight
    • Lose weight quickly
    • Make sudden changes to your diet or other health behaviors
  • Only your doctor, health professional, or pharmacist can tell you what health behavior change is safe and useful for you.

Health Content on This Website

  • Health content, which includes personal health management tools, is researched and written by health professionals or other writers. It is reviewed for clinical accuracy by one or more health professionals before it is posted.
  • Health content is reviewed at least every two (2) years.
  • The credentials of health care professionals who review content are verified at set times.
  • The authors of health content must tell us if they have any conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest means a situation in which financial or other personal considerations have the potential to compromise or bias professional judgment and objectivity.
  • Clinical authors use their professional ethical standards when they write health content for this website.
  • Company and evidence-based clinical guidelines and other peer reviewed literature are used to design and create health content.
  • Clinical guidelines are reviewed at least once each year. Updates are made to health content throughout the year if the guidelines change.
  • To learn about the writers and reviewers of health content on this website, read the Editorial Board page.



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